Spooky Halloween Grandfather Clock

So I was inspired by a Pinterest post (shocking) to try to create my own spooky grandfather clock for Halloween. Below is what happened …

Old, empty cardboard boxes, glued together. Dollar Tree headstone, pieces from a Wal-Mart headstone set, and graveyard skull stakes from Spirit of Halloween.

Beginning of the Spooky Grandfather Clock

Beginning of the Spooky Grandfather Clock

First coat, brown spray paint found in our garage (please ignore the mess)


Coat of Black spray paint


coat of bronze spray paint, 2nd coat of black spray paint, gold spray paint, then a 3rd coat of black spray paint


Finally, clock added.

DIY Spooky Clock

I didn’t spray paint the rim of the clock, I may do that tomorrow, I haven’t really decided though I know it would look better if I did, so I don’t know, we’ll see.

It’s not nearly as detailed or well done as the one I found on Pinterest, but it will work for our Halloween Party! Here is the link for the inspiration for my grandfather clock: http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/120838-grandfather-clock-cardboard-dollar-store-items.html

Happy Haunting!

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